Perverted and Demonic Teaching!


Rev. S.C Bryant (OMIN CLC) BDiv Cum Laude, MI


New Age Christian Worship!

Scores and scores of pseudo-Christians are looking for a spiritual experience rather than the truth of what God says through His word. I even heard some “Christian” say that she is bisexual and God made her that way. When she was asked, “…But what about where the Bible speaks against Homosexuality and one man and one wife…” she responded by saying that is outdated and she skips over silly verses like that because the bible needs to get with the culture. All she cares about is feeling good about herself and the only way she can achieve that is by connecting with people like “Hillsongs” where she can experience her true emotions.

Well, this is only one case amongst myriads of so many similar cases where so-called Christians are not interested in godliness but rather in emotionalism an autonomy.

Rev. S.C Bryant (OMIN CLC) BDiv Cum Laude, MI

Coming to a Complete Stop

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

As I was driving to see patients, I had to drive through Clemson, SC. The town of Clemson brings back memories from July 2015 when I was pulled over for a ”rolling stop”. I now drive through there with great caution.

How many of us go through life doing ”rolling stops”? It is not technically a stop. It is more like a yield. You and I often rush through life and yield rather than stopping. There are several reasons why we must come to a complete stop at various junctions of life.

  1. We need to fully assess our surroundings. God may be sending something our way, and we totally miss because we are moving too quickly. Or maybe we are going ahead of God and entering it territory that God did not design for us. Abraham and Sarah did not come to a complete stop nor yield when they devised…

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How many Christians tell their friends and families that “Believing in Jesus will get you to Heaven so that God won’t send you to hell?”

It seems that many people think that the goal of Theism (Belief in God) is to avoid hell. Honestly, that is a poor understanding and misrepresentation of Christianity. One does not believe in Christ to avoid hell. Belief in God is not”… Some sort of Fire Insurance… (Dr William Lane Craig). Yes, there is indeed a hell for the reprobate and the one who rejects the Love and sacrifice of Christ for Salvation but, again, avoiding hell is not why we follow Christ!

We believe in Christ because He is the supreme good in a desperately evil world. He is the sole object of our worship and adoration. God is the epitome of goodness and love that is to be desired by all Christians. He is the life giver to all creation and is the Sovereign head of all created human beings. He should be the desire of our hearts because we are created in His image in order that we may communicate with Him.

Our goal, as Christians, is to tell a dying world that there is hope in the midst of wickedness and turmoil. This is not our Home but Heaven is our home. Our message is to tell of God’s love that He so loved the world that He made a way to forgive us for our iniquities against Him and that is through Jesus Christ, the only way, truth, And Life.

The fulfilment of the human life is to know the creator of all human life – Jesus Christ!

Rev. S.C Bryant (OMIN CLC) BDiv Cum Laude, MI

Loving God by the Book


Psalm 119:105-112

“I just don’t have enough time.” That’s the primary reason people give me for not meditating upon Scripture. But in reality, we all make time for what’s important to us. A few years back, I photocopied the book of Philippians, cut it into sections, and taped it over my local newspaper. It only took up three columns of the front page. This proves that reading the book of Philippians takes about as long as reading our favorite parts of the newspaper or scanning articles on the internet.

In truth, we could probably all find space in our schedules for God’s Word. You could begin by opening to an epistle and asking the Lord to speak to you. As you read, pray over the words the Holy Spirit draws to your attention. As He lifts truths off the page and into your heart, ask Him for deeper understanding and…

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What makes you a Christian?


I apologise for the audio noise at the beginning of this video because the audio jack was not plugged in correctly and there is a humming sound all the way through. We have fixed this now for future. Grace to all of you!.


What is the reason for your faith?

In other words, what is the reason that you call yourself a Christian or why do you believe that you are a Christian? Just because someone says “I believe in Jesus” certainly does not make them a Christian.Believing in Henry Ford does not make one a Ford Motor Car. Believing in Shakespeare does not make one Hamlet or Romeo or even Juliet.

Believing in Jesus is mutually exclusive to the belief that you are a Christian unless, of course, your belief in Christ is working through you in such a way that it qualifies you as a Christian; in a way that Jesus Christ spoke of in Matthew 16, thereby making it mutually inclusive the way Christ intended it to be, especially according to Matthew 28:19-21.

Therefore, What does it mean to be a genuine Christian? Believing in Jesus only brings about Salvation but, it should be the gift of Salvation that should lead believers to be Christians.
The word “Christian Means;

1) Followers of Christ, thereby implying that Christians should do as He does.

And 2) Those who are always talking about Christ – those who are giving a reasonable and intelligent defence of why they are Christians with reasonable evidence through their lifestyles.


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Rev. S.C Bryant (OMIN CLC) BDiv Cum Laude, MI