About Shane.

My name is Shane C. Bryant(OMIN-CLC, Honours BDiv)

I love to blog about many things that have to do with the Christan life and, furthermore, I love reading and reblogging articles from other Christian sites so that the truth of God’s Word changes people into a people who are moved by and through the Word, taking His Word and speaking His Word; telling and witnessing about His grace and goodness and the power of His redemption to anyone and everyone.

I am a Pastor of Christian Leaders Church in Ladysmith. It is his uncompromised belief that it is of paramount importance as a Pastor and Bible teacher to exegete the Scriptures as they originally were scribed and allow Scripture to explain Scripture alone – Sola Scriptura – in its proper context. I believe in using God’s truth in its historical and divine setting and applying it to our church in the age we live in with good hermeneutics through the counsel of the Holy Spirit without distorting, perverting or even abasing the Scripture to a humanist level in order to make it more palatable for society, ie. (The Social Gospel). Tantamount to this is the raising up of the Church to be the Church within their respective

Please feel free to visit our website; http://www.clcladysmith.com for Sermons, videos and more.

Disclaimer: Not all photos on my blogsite belong to me but, rather, have been taken from Google sites!


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