Watch “It Will Cost You Everything” on YouTube

The Authentic Gospel.

This is not the Gospel people want to hear. They want the “Social Gospel”. They want to hear how good they are in making the good choice. They want to hear how special they are when they chose Christ. Jesus says, “… You did not choose me… No one comes to the Father accept by me….”
You chose Christ because it was the right thing to do? That is not the Gospel. IT IS BY GRACE (GOD’S DOING) THAT YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED, NOT OF YOURSELVES (NOT BY YOUR OWN DOING) BUT IT IS A GIFT FROM GOD SO THAT NO ONE CAN EVER BOAST (AND SAY I CHOSE CHRIST). THE Gospel will cost you everything. To follow Christ will cost you everything. The only choice you can make once Christ, by His sovereign Grace, has saved you, is to take up your cross (your shameful state) and follow Him daily.
People, Christ is coming back, whether you die today or whether you never see Him come back in your lifetime ; THE KING IS COMING…


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