What makes you a Christian?


I apologise for the audio noise at the beginning of this video because the audio jack was not plugged in correctly and there is a humming sound all the way through. We have fixed this now for future. Grace to all of you!.


What is the reason for your faith?

In other words, what is the reason that you call yourself a Christian or why do you believe that you are a Christian? Just because someone says “I believe in Jesus” certainly does not make them a Christian.Believing in Henry Ford does not make one a Ford Motor Car. Believing in Shakespeare does not make one Hamlet or Romeo or even Juliet.

Believing in Jesus is mutually exclusive to the belief that you are a Christian unless, of course, your belief in Christ is working through you in such a way that it qualifies you as a Christian; in a way that Jesus Christ spoke of in Matthew 16, thereby making it mutually inclusive the way Christ intended it to be, especially according to Matthew 28:19-21.

Therefore, What does it mean to be a genuine Christian? Believing in Jesus only brings about Salvation but, it should be the gift of Salvation that should lead believers to be Christians.
The word “Christian Means;

1) Followers of Christ, thereby implying that Christians should do as He does.

And 2) Those who are always talking about Christ – those who are giving a reasonable and intelligent defence of why they are Christians with reasonable evidence through their lifestyles.


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Rev. S.C Bryant (OMIN CLC) BDiv Cum Laude, MI







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