An Open Letter to the Suffering Christian (David Powlison).

I have added an article by David Powlison from Crossway ( below which I, not only found very interesting but, also highly encouraging, especially for me, seeing that the season my wife and I are going through is rather tough and challenging at the moment. I know this to be true as well for many members of our Church seeing that there are Cancer issues, death issues, job issues, health issues and just issues, issues, and more issues.

Now, I know that this may seem obvious but the Christian life is not exempt from fiery trials at all. When I was much younger, I, unfortunately, believed that whenever some sort of trial came my way, all I needed to do was jump up and down, hype myself up with faith (which by the way is not even Biblical) and tell God to make it go away. Well, that never ever worked and I am really thankful it did not otherwise I think I would be some sort of Quasi-Christian today with no real firm foundation of truth – perhaps another Benny Hinn, or likes of him, with a perverted theology and ideology of God.

In the meantime, I hope the reader is as encouraged as I am. Enjoy the read!

This article is part of the Open Letters series.

Dear friend,

What words can I say to you when your life is hard and you are hurting? If we were face to face, I probably wouldn’t start with words at all. I would want you to talk when you are able. I want to know you, what you are going through, what it is like for you, and how you are doing. Simply being present and conveying that tears, heartache, and confusion are valid would probably be more helpful. Many wise Christians have commented that Job’s counselors did well until they opened their mouths (Job 2:11-13), and I certainly don’t think there is some magic word that will make everything better.

But when it comes time to say something, I might say this: Jesus is a most sympathetic friend, fellow sufferer, and Savior. He has walked a hard road. He has felt his own anguish and crushing pain (Isaiah 53). He understands. He is compassionate toward you. By the comfort of his presence and sympathy, he intends to draw you out and draw you to Himself.

Be honest. Don’t take any shortcuts. Let each day’s trouble be sufficient for that day.

I encourage you to go to him and speak to him. There is something about our ability to find words to express what we’re experiencing that makes a genuine difference. A wise Christian of many centuries ago said, “To open one’s heart to one’s friend—it doubles our joys and cuts our griefs in half.” I have found this to be true. Sharing a joy really does double the joy. And of course, sharing heartache never takes it all away — but there’s something about speaking to someone who truly cares about you that soothes your wounds. You are not alone.

The psalms, which are so full of heartache and so full of faith, often start with simply giving voice to the experience of suffering. As they do, it’s significant to notice that they don’t simply cry out in a scream of pain….

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David PowlisonDavid Powlison (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a teacher, a counselor, and the executive director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. He is also the senior editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and the author of Seeing with New Eyes, Good & Angry, and Speaking Truth in Love.

Ps. Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, BDiv)


Immodesty Will not Make You Respected; Being a Modest Woman Will

via Immodesty Will not Make You Respected; Being a Modest Woman Will

I am sharing Christina’s post below. I found it to be Brave and God-honouring. Thank you Christina.

This is what Christiana had to say:


I normally stay away from entertainment news, but over the past few days, this one article/news title keeps popping up on TV or on social media.

Recently, a girl by the name Aly Raisman posed nude and on her body the phrase “Women do not have to be modest to be respected” was written down her body, and that is a slap in face to godly women.

However, everyone is praising her, telling her how she is “right,” and how girls can walk around in the shortest skirts possible while still being respected. I’m going to be frank with you on this one, If you think you can be respected while being promiscious, then you are sorely wrong.

If you want to respected, then you must respect yourself. Looking immodest does not get you respect; instead, it just gets sex-addicted men messaging you to send him suggestive photos.

Women all across the world wonder why men kept asking them for nudes, and it’s because of themselves. Don’t go on a rant when a man disrespects you when you were the one who posted suggestive photos to start with. If you did not want gross comments, then don’t post raunchy photos that will get that kind of attention. Instead, have respect for the body that God gave you.

Common sense, right?

A godly man will not give you the time of day if you do not respect yourself enough to wear modest clothes.

A job employer will not take you seriously if you do not dress professional.

And a man’s mama will tell her son to let you go if you don’t know how to be a lady.

Modesty equals respect whether you agree with me or not. If you want to be respected by people, then you need to respect yourself and have dignity for yourself.

If you believe that posing nude or wearing clothing that does not leave anything to the imagination is okay, then that shows that you are insecure, and it also shows that you are only surface level. If you show off your body in an unholy light, then in your mind, you belive that your body is the only thing you have to offer.

You don’t have to show off your body to get respect. You can be respected because of how you respect others, how you uphold yourself, how you treat people, and you are respected even more if you respect yourself.

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” 1 Corinthians 6:19

Modesty isn’t a woman “being afraid of her body,” but modesty is a woman respecting herself so much, that she refuses to defile her body or her temple. Your body is a temple, and when you are showing it off to every single person, you are destroying your temple.

I am modest because I have more to offer than my body. I want people to look at my intelligence, my love for Jesus, my love for writing, my love for children, my passions, and I do not want people to look at my body. My future husband is the only man who will ever have the right to see my body, and no one else has that right, so why am I going to show off what belongs to my future husband? Not only am I supposed to respect myself, but I am supposed to respect the man that is going to take me as his wife.

“in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing,” 1 Timothy 2:9

Society is wanting to destroy godliness, and it sickens me. Ladies, please have respect for your body. Do not fall for the trap that society has laid out for you. Again, modesty does equals respect, and how can you claim to be a godly woman when you aren’t dressing like a godly woman?

Cleanliness is close to godliness, and dressing provocatively isn’t close to godliness, so if you want to be close to God, then you must do all things for His glory, and that means all things.

We are meant to set apart from this world, and if this world wants to believe that they don’t need clothes to be respected, then they are headed down a dark road.

Isn’t it weird how this world functions? Society is chanting “Me Too” yet they are the same ones who tell women that they don’t have to dress modestly to be respected. Do you see how hypocritical our society is? Do you see how one-sided they are?

If my future daughters ever told me that they thought modesty didn’t mean respect, then I would have failed as a mother, because it is my job to make sure my future little girls know that modesty never goes out of style, and it is also my job let them know that though soceity is sinful, their bodies are worthy of being sacred, and modesty is beautiful in the eyes of God.

In the end, if you are craving for respect, then respect your body, and bring something else other than your sex appeal to the table. Show us how smart you are, how wise you are, how sweet you are, how lady-like and Christ-like you, and then we will start to respect you. Respect doesn’t go one way, but it goes both ways.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,
But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

I am modest not because I am ashamed of my body, but it’s because I view my body as so sacred, that the only person who will ever be allowed to see my body is my future husband, and I refuse to give that right to any other person. I believe that a woman should be modest if she wants to be respected, and I don’t apologize for that belief, for I would rather promote modesty than promiscuity.