An amazing story of God’s Mercy, love, and passion, especially for little ones. This truly is a story worth telling and showing the world, especially that there is indeed a God – the One true God – who never sleeps nor slumbers but is continually pouring out his Grace and protection. He is passionate about Families!!!

Justified And Redeemed

I’m letting you into another part of my life that defined who I am, and this one isn’t down or gloomy, but some may think the beginning part is, but I have come to terms with my past, and I want to share it.

God blessed me with loving parents, and even if they weren’t my biological parents, they loved me as their own daughter, and I want to share the wonderful joys of adoption or in my case, becoming the daughter of my biological grandparents who are the most wonderful parents I could have ever asked for!

My “adoption” story is different, as I stated above, for I was adopted/legally raised within my own family, but they still loved me as a daughter. God blessed me with loving grandparents who then legally became my mom and dad at age 3, so I still saw my family growing up, but…

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One thought on “I Was Adopted: Here’s My Story

  1. Yes, I have often thought about adopting and many of my friends are adopted. It is always a struggle if the child is older and can lead to confusion, but if the parents really understand people and children, they can show them true love as any family would. I think we are all related in a sense of we are connected, and to love everyone like your own family is the goal. I hope you can check out my poetry as I write alot about philosophy and different social issues like this,

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