Exercise Thyself Unto Godliness

This is a must read because it concerns our godliness, and by that I mean, godliness empowered by God and a life that is sold out to God! I think, many times, we perceive godliness as a program or general service, but, after reading this, one would conclude that it is, in its entirety, taking up your cross and following Jesus. Thank you, Stop and Pray TV!


1 Timothy 4:7

At the time I am writing this book, our apartment in Moscow frequently looks like an athletic club. Our three sons and their friends regularly fill our living room to do pushups, sit-ups, and weightlifting to develop their muscles and attain the form they desire. As a result of their hard work, commitment, and consistency, their muscles are getting bigger and bigger, and their bodies are nearly the ideal for young men their age.

Every morning, my wife gets up at the crack of dawn to walk up the seven flights of stairs in our Moscow apartment building a minimum of six times. Once she reaches the top, she takes the elevator back to the first floor and starts up the 210 steps to the seventh floor once more. Multiply that times six, and you’ll find that Denise walks up 1,260 steps every morning of her life…

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