The Agony Of Being Double-Minded With God


Double-mindedness is cause for agony in any arena:

  • Who wants an employee who has never decided to kick it in 100% with the company?
  • Or someone on the athletic team who is half-hearted?

Having our affections divided between God and the world is like a guy standing on two chunks of ice that are floating in opposite directions. Disaster is imminent!

Here’s how Francois Fenelon addresses this business of double-mindedness:

Woe unto those weak and timid souls who are divided between God and their love for the world!

They want and they do not want.

They are torn by passion and remorse at the same time.

They fear the judgments of God and those of others.

They have a horror of evil and a shame of good.

They have the pains of virtue without tasting its sweet consolations.

O how wretched they are!…

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