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Random Thoughts with Tammy G

Real conversation in my car:

Me: I have to get back on my eating plan. I look like a Monchhichi.

Youngest: A what?

Me: A monkey doll thing. It was a cartoon, too. Google them.

Youngest: *Googles from smartphone.

Youngest:    …

Me:    …

Youngest: I’m horrified.

Me: Yeah, well, they only lasted 2-3 years.

Youngest: Thank you, Lord!

Ah, fads! How we love thee. But not for any length of time. I’ve been on Earth long enough to have seen my share. Survived my share. And unfortunately participated in my share. I’ve had Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies and Transformers. (when Transformers were first created not the CGI garbage they’re passing off now.) I colored on Fashion Plates and SpiralGraph. I wore jams and jellies. I listened to Madonna and Michael Jackson. A lot of my upbringing is a blur of neon accented motion.

My daughters had the dubious…

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