I have been studying revivals of the past, especially those of Luther, Hus, Knox, Zwingly, Edwards, Calvin, Livingtone and all the rest of the famous reformers. While being humbled and astonished as to how many of them were actually called by God under extreme circumstances, I could not help but wonder how religion has always been an enemy of God. I use the word religion very loosely but also more specifically, I use it to mean; a “Falsity” or “Man-made” scheme in controlling the masses through brainwashing and diabolical manipulation through and by using God as a pretext and a means to an end – Absolute power!

One thing that came to mind and has much bearing on the rest of this article, albeit short and less than thorough, is “The Charismatic and Word of Faith Movement” and the uncanniness of its resemblance or rather, almost an exact mirror image to the Catholic Church in its selling of Indulgences in the medieval times or the Dark ages as we know them to be.

Indulgences were documents prepared by the church and bought by individuals either for themselves or on behalf of the dead. As a result, the living purchaser or the deceased would be released from purgatory for a certain number of years. In the second instance, a plenary, or total, indulgence would release a person altogether and was seldom offered. In any case, the money from indulgence sales was used to support church projects, such as, in the case of  [Johann] Tetzel’s sales, the rebuilding of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. “Once the coin into the coffer clings, a soul from purgatory heavenward springs!” (Dr. James M. Kittelson, Issue 34: The Reformer’s Early Years, 1986)

Ironically, those times were darker because the light of the true supposed Catholic Church was blotted out by the Church itself – THE DARK IN THE DARKNESS – THE STORM IN THE CLOUD! It was almost as if the Church was orchestrated and guided by Satan himself. The indulgences that were sold had a primary and wicked agenda of building an empire and, more specifically, over embellished Cathedrals that would make the Catholic Church seem “Heavenly” ( Vladimir, AD 988) and attractive, giving the Church a semblance of strength in the eyes of the immediate world. Beauty was definitely in the eye of the beholder and awe was redirected towards the “Empire” intead of God!

The Church coffers were filled through and by lies and chicannery – as if one could really and truly buy one’s self a pardon out of purgatory, which, by the way, is not even Biblical to begin with and furthermore, it sound like a “Alice in Wonderland” fairytale.

It is also startling to see the resemblance to pantheism and polytheism combined. More specifically, it sounds exactly like Hinduism. It is believed in Hinduism that one has to go through the process of reincarnation to become a better person. It is like going through hell over and over again until one is purged from all wickedness and then ones “Atma” (soul) is absorbed into Brahman – the Absolute; the Universe. (There is much more to this religion than just the few words that I have just penned, but, be that as it may, this is the long and short of it).

The Charismatic and Word of Faith Movement is exactly the same and even though, from the outside, looks as if they are operating under a different theology; that is; from Catholicism, however, (Do not be fooled) their theology and philosophy is the same. In their case, they are selling “Promises of Material wealth and health” from God if only their adherents or subscribers would “SOW A SEED OF FAITH”  obviously in the form of money. Remember, it has got to be money. What is the Minister going to do with an old pair of shoes as a donation even though it came from the goodness of your benevolent heart and also; that is all you could give? Just like the Catholic Church with its bent philosophy i.e. “Indulgences” so is the Word of Faith Movement equally crooked. They may not be selling a ticket out of Hell, but still they are selling a ticket on how to twist God’s sovereign hand in treating them with more superiority and love than anyone else. Indulgences were seen as “Twisting the arm of God” by and through the “Strong Arm” of the Catholic Church in proxy of God. So is it with “Sowing a Seed of Faith – MONEY – ka-chink-ka-chink”! I used this vulgar phrase on and with a purpose!

There is absolutely no difference and the means to the end is the same – to fill the coffers of the super rich false preachers and to build their own empires all in the name of God and under the guise of Christianity and with their misconstrued and out-of-context Bible verses. The Blind leading the Blind! (Quite ironically an idiom from the  Upanishads)








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