1 Corinthians 1 and 2 (Selected Verses)

I want to talk about salvation this morning and what it means to be saved, according to the Bible and, more specifically according to the Gospels. We are living in a world where there’s just so much confusion within Christianity itself and within so many churches, especially when it comes to the mega-churches, that people do not know what to believe anymore.


Point 1: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified!

1. Firstly: Jesus died primarily as a propitiation for sin – to satisfy the anger of God against sin! The Bible emphatically teaches this.

2. Secondly: Repentance is needed for the forgiveness of your sins!

3. Thirdly: No one is able to follow Jesus on their own volition but rather, as I have said before and as the Bible specifically teaches, one is only able to repent from their sins because faith has been given to that individual through the grace of Jesus Christ.

4. Fourthly: Being filled with the Holy Spirit is subsequent to salvation. In other words, the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within the new-born person after he or she has committed their lives to Christ. Moreover, it is also of the utmost importance that Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit so that every Christian may be empowered to walk after Christ obediently for all of their days.

Point 2: The Wisdom of this Age!

1 Corinthians 1: 18-25 (ESV)

Point 3: What is the foundation?

  1. It is Jesus Christ and Him alone!

  2. It is the glory of God and His glory alone!

  3. It is about the salvation of whomever God chooses to save according to his own glory!

Point 4: The Social Gospel is the Wisdom of this age!

The foundation of Jesus Christ has been distorted and, in fact, has been rejected in many ways and a new man-made foundation has been laid which is not solid at all and has no strength all. In its place a new foundation has been laid; a foundation that is relative and relevant to the ears of the world and also to the ears of so many Christians. And then, to make matters worse, Christians go ahead and build on this feeble man-made foundation with straw and hay which is temporal and self-destructing Social Gospel!

Point 5: The Social Gospel is in direct conflict with the Word of God!

This social gospel is in direct conflict with God’s word and, moreover, it does not even come out of his word.

Galatians 1:6-9 (ESV)

For the Full Article and Sermon, please head over to my website. The Link is below!

Grace to you!








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