God-given Amazing Talent!



I am writing this post for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, this guy – Marcelito Pomoy – is spectacular and needs to be heard. What an amazing voice and talent!
  2. When I hear talent like this, all I can think about is how creative my God is. To be able to endow people, such as this man, with talent so astounding, makes me realise that God is diverse, all-creative, and just awesome. Whether these songs may not be “Christian” per say, however, it sends shivers up my spine as to how beautiful God’s creation really is. One has to pause and think what a majestic God we really serve, that is; if you know Him. For the one that does not know Him [God] then surely something like this; something as spectacular as this, should encourage a person to seek ofter a Loving and Creative God who, not only loves us but is passionate about you and me and Marcelito Pomoy included. Music is the Language of the Soul and music and singing, such as the clips above, comes from God, Himself!

Praise and Glory, Wisdom and Strength, Honour and Power to His Name…..










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