~If You Died Today~ by Alysha Wolf

We open our hearts to media with reception
Knowing openly it’s nothing but deception,
We battle the war with our open minds
Knowing it’s wrong time after time

We think we are arguing over something that matters,
While all around us billions of souls shatter
What are we fighting for whats the cause?
Who are we fighting for? Who’s the boss?

We fall into this endless pit
Society has conditioned us, we’re all in its grip
You can’t be seen you can’t be heard
If your opinion Is opposing well..you should have learned.

In this life we are nothing but a simple grain of sand,
But who holds this world in the palm of his hand?
You can’t speak of him or you’ll be shut down
Your friends will leave you they won’t hang around.Who is this Jesus you speak so much about?
He died for our sins but apparently that doesn’t count…
Society has conditioned us to except things so wrong,
To speak about the world’s maker your crazy and weak..I call it strong!

Why is it OK to kill a baby whos not born?
It’s my body, my choice, we’ve heard it all before,
Why is it OK to try and change our gender?
Shhh…don’t speak about that..you have to be kind and tender!

Videos surface of people being killed
Of people being kidnapped and held against their will,
When will we learn that we are surrounded by negativity?
Whatever happened to easy days and simplicity?

What does this breed but envy and hate
to fight over nothing is this really our fate?
So here’s my question…my question to all of you
If you died today…in this life what did you do?

(Wolf.  Alysha, BC Canada, Creston, 2017) 











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