Hillsong Easter Special in London –  Voodoo 

I previously posted a link about a Hillsong Christmas special and the disdain it brings to God.

I thought I would add another link from “The Vigilant Christian” (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVigilantChristian) about another Hillsong debacle. My goodness!  Once again,  it is deeply disturbing!

Am I gunning Hillsong? Not at all. My intention, rather, is to expose what so-called “Worship” has become. The Mesopotamians worshipped this way; the Sumerians; the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and the list goes on and on. There are just so many examples that I can give that proves degeneration instead of Regeneration!

No wonder God made it perfectly clear to be separate from the world, and that message is still in effect even today in our post-modern society. It almost sound like a contradiction in terms when I say “Post-modern” because it really means that relativism, naturalism and all the other ISMS are what matters in our world today, even permeating into the Church, causing the Church to become Post-modern in its philosophies, theology, and doctrines.




Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)








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