Watch “HILLSONG WORLDLY WORSHIP EXPOSED !!! The Hillsong Trojan Horse WARNING!” on YouTube

It looks like a Moulin Rouge. HONESTLY, IS THIS REALLY “WORSHIP”?

It seems to me that so-called “Praise and Worship” has morphed and in many instances, within many post-modern Churches, it has been syncretized with the world – in fact, trying to compete or outdo the world in many instances. To me, it is not just a shame but very disturbing to think that even within many Christian circles, music has been redeveloped, rethought, adapted, and reconstructed in order to captivate the minds of so many young people today, drawing them in because music has become a science, even within the Christian world today.

After all, music is a “Soul thing”, and as a matter of fact, it drives the soul in almost every case, whether it is in a Christian context or within a secular context.

I thought I would add a link from “The Vigilant Christian” site that shows a Christmas event done by Hillsong.

This Video was so outrageous that Hillsong eventually removed it from their site because of worldwide complaints – complaints from conservative and godly people who were deeply aghast, perplexed and horrified at the putridities performed under the guise and confession of Christianity and Jesus Christ.

I have got to warn you; it looks exactly like a Moulin Rouge and the women singing are very scantily dressed. Even the buttocks and thighs were completely exposed. As a male, I wonder what was going through the minds of the men in the audience. Were they worshipping God or were they enchanted by the aesthetics and mood and provocative setting of this concert, or whatever one would want to call it! I want to say, moreover; they were filled with immediate lust because of the, almost, pornographic cabaret that they were attending. There is no way in this world – and here I speak as a man – that any man could sit back and not be affected by the highly visual and graphic nature of what should have been to God’s glory, but yet hijacked by man – and in this case, women – for their own glory

My question is; do we have to become like the world in order to bring more people into the Christian circle. Click the link below to see what I mean!

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


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