Blessed Those that adore God and God adores them – Part 2

(Matthew 5:3-5)
I want to continue with the theme of last week’s sermon which I entitled: “Blessed – those who adore God and God adores them”. Therefore, today will be Part 2 to last week’s sermon. My aim is to only cover three verses (verses 3-5) out of the nine important verses I want to focus on out of Matthew 5:1-12.

Genuine Blessedness!

I want to declare that there can never be any genuine God-given blessing for anyone unless they are in a correct relationship with God, and they have their hearts set in adoration towards Him alone. I do not care how many times you jump up and down, shouting out, “I am blessed” unless you truly know the One from whom genuine blessing derives. Again, let me remind you that being, “Blessed” has nothing at all to do with your state of affairs; your money, or even whatever you feel that God owes you, but it has everything to do with you being in adoration of Jesus and knowing that He adores you because of your obedient adoration towards Him alone!

Verse 3 gives the idea of that of 1) A Beggar and; 2) Spiritual Inadequacy. Just like a beggar, the “Spiritually Poor” that Christ is speaking of are those that are begging after God; they long after God with all of their hearts and with all that they can muster. Furthermore, it clearly shows the spiritual inadequacy of man to be able to fix himself, and because of this, when he turns to God in repentance it goes to show his absolute dependence on God for the forgiveness of his sins

.Verse 4 speaks firstly of those that are truly blessed are those who are grieved not only because of death but more importantly, are grieved and mourn because of their sins. It causes them to yearn for a Saviour, a redeemer, and a sanctifier who is able to save them from their iniquities. Secondly: they realise that it is Jesus Christ alone that is able to accomplish this for them; who is the only one who is able to save them from their desperate sin.

Verse 5 could be broken down into five sub-points:
1. Gentleness is not timid!
2. Gentleness is being strong!
3. Gentleness is having Wisdom!
4. Gentleness is Exalting!
5. Gentleness has an objective!
Therefore, to bring everything into perspective, regarding verse 5; gentleness or to be gentle in this context is to use the wise strength that can only come from God. It is a deep love and concern for the other person who is caught up in a certain sin. Furthermore, it compels you to quickly and speedily and with fiery passion bring that brother or sister back to their greatness they once had in Christ. It is to bring him or her back to the truth in Christ, and ultimately back to the experiential love of Christ. Therefore, the main drive behind “gentle restoration” is to bring a person who was caught up in sin back to the blessedness in Jesus, subsequently causing them to adore Christ once again and find themselves blessed because now Christ is blessed and supremely happy to once again have a relationship with that brother or sister and to be able to adore them back!

Now do you see why Jesus could say; “Blessed are the gentle [meek]” because the repercussions are far greater and are of a far greater value for everyone involved.

  1. Gentleness is Adoration!

Firstly: Firstly: the one who is gentle is, in fact, showing his or her adoration towards God by showing love and mercy towards another Christian brother or sister; that same love, mercy, and adoration they too have received from God.

  1. Gentleness is Restoration!

Secondly: the brother or sister who was caught up in sin is now restored back to a relationship of adoration and obedience towards God and they are reaping the reward of God adoring them once again!

  1. Gentleness causes God’s Adoration!

Thirdly: God, in turn, is supremely blessed and filled with adoration to the one who did the gentle restoration of the brother or sister caught up in sin, and then furthermore, God is supremely blessed and in an ecstatic state because a prodigal son or daughter has returned to Him! Now, do you see the implication of verse 5? “Blessed (Those who adore God and God adores them back) are the meek [Gentle] for they shall inherit the earth.”

In summary; verses 3-5 are interdependent. They are not diametrically opposed, but rather complementary and produce a definite progression and also a retrogression, not moving backwards in the sense of degeneration, but rather moving backwards to show dependency on the original statement, that is; verse 3.

Neither are they static i.e. standing on their own, but rather fully reliant upon each other to make any sense or impact. There can be no godly gentleness in its fullest meaning and form if there is no repentance. Furthermore, neither can there be any mourning for sin if their is no brokenness in the spirit of man.

Christ takes a man or a woman from the state of sin to the state of, “Christ-likeness” and instills His own image back into them through His precious Holy Spirit.

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


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