Blessed – Those who adore God and God adores them!

What does it mean to be “Blessed”? This little seven- letter word is, in fact, a very strong word when used in its correct context, but unfortunately it is also a word just like the small word, “Faith” that has been grossly misused, abused and greatly misunderstood. The very word, “Blessed” is so closely associated with well-being, wealth, and prosperity, that the word has basically been integrated into the prosperity thinking, and therefore when prosperity comes your way, you automatically proclaim and exclaim, “I am Blessed!” It is a word that is many times directly used in a selfish way , almost like a naughty child ranting and raving and screaming for a sweet until he gets that sweet, and therefore the exclamation by that person is: “I am Blessed”.
But, that is not really the meaning of the word especially in light of Scripture, and what Scripture, most of the time, stresses what it means to be called, “Blessed”! The meaning and implication of this word, “Blessed” [Bârak], means a two-way relationship; a vice versa relationship that goes out to someone and then that someone gives you the same love and affection back. It implies that the one who adores and loves God causes God to do the very same thing back to that person. Therefore, it would be correct in the understanding of the implication by saying it this way: Blessed are those who adore God and God Adores them back. In other words, God loves and adores him or her back the same way with complete adoration, affection, and love in the same way that person adores and loves God. Is that not absolutely astounding?
Try reading Matthew 5:1-11 with this attitude and you will discover what Jesus’ motive and intentions were when He taught this most famous Sermon on the Mount.

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


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