The Rapture Part 3 – The Bride of Christ


Follow with me in this series entitled: The Rapture, to see if indeed the common evangelical teaching; that Christ will secretly rapture His Church, is a true or false teaching.
I want to continue with the series on the rapture. However, I want to take a bit of a break on the “how and when” of the rapture and concentrate on the Bride of Christ because, after all, we as a church community need to know:
Who is the bride of Christ?
What type of bride is Christ coming back for?
What constitutes the bride of Christ.
I want to take a journey down “memory Lane” to help us see why God is so in love with His church – His Bride – and hopefully this will be an encouragement to those that truly belong to Him.I want to, this time, move away from the theme of “Judgement” to that of a theme of “Love” because I feel our church community also needs to see the heart and love of God. I want us, as I said, to take a trip down memory lane, if you will; all the way back to the Book of Exodus and I want us to look at a Marriage Feast between God and Israel. The Israelites had been led out of Egypt with God’s mighty hand, crossed the red Sea, and eventually in Exodus 19 they land up at the Mount of Sinai where God is going to give the law to Israel. Now, this is where the story gets very interesting in a very Jewish way, and it is this Jewish way that gives us such a beautiful picture of a Bridegroom and Bride getting married.

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


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