Names of God Part 3 – ADONAI Part 1

Adonai – Part 1
James 2:23
Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called a friend of God.

I want to deal with another name of God. This is going to be Part one of a two part sermon and therefore I will finish up with it next week – God willing! This is not a name that is one of descriptive in nature, but rather it is a name that has to do with our relationship with God. It is a name that becomes more meaningful only once we have submitted our lives to Him as our God and only when He has become our Saviour through Jesus.
The Focal Point, of course, is how much are we willing to hand over to Jesus to take ownership of. Can we hand over our possessions, and even more perplexing; are we able to hand over the lives of those we dearly love and offer them to God and into His sovereign care, even if it means that God chooses to end their lives. Hard question is it not? If Jesus is indeed Master, then we are to become servants of The Master. To be a servant is to relinquish all that you have and all that you deeply care for into His hands! Now this is where the rubber meets the tar. It is one thing to hand over worldly goods, but another thing entirely to hand over a human life to God. I am not saying all of this willy-nilly. I struggle even today with that thought. I have had to come to terms with this idea. I trust God with my entire life, but am I able to trust God with a life of someone that I truly love and hold on to? Am I able to trust God with the lives of my children whom I love with my entire soul? This is the bigger question for you and me. I have had to come to terms with this because if I am going to trust God fully, I have to give to Him that which I fully love!

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


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