Astronomy – Part 3


It is suggested by way of analogy that; our universe in its expansion can be compared to a balloon with beads on it. As the balloon blows up with more air, so the beads get further and further away from each other. This makes sense only because the beads are on the outer rim of the universe. But, we are not on the outer rim of the universe and neither does anyone know where the outer rim is.

Rather, if we were in the middle of the balloon, floating around, and the edge of the balloon was expanding, then it would make no difference in the distance of the beads within the balloon. Therefore, the expanding balloon must have some other dynamic that is causing the beads within the balloon to grow further, and further apart.

Now, for argument sake, if the first theory was correct then, even if the balloon expands, the beads in themselves would also expand relative to the expansion surface of the balloon. Take for instance a dot made by a marker on the balloon; when the outer surface of the balloon expands so does the dot expand relative to the surface area. If this is correct then maybe someone should measure the circumference of our earth and see if it has expanded and grown larger than it was, say, 100 years ago.

Shane Bryant (OMIN CLC, CLDIP, ADIV)


25 thoughts on “Astronomy – Part 3

  1. Very interresting post. There is so much out there, we only know a drop in the ocean. It is a blessing to know this incredibly amazing God. When we get to heaven one day; we are going to amazed with what God shares with us and what we thought we knew. Better to hang on to Him


  2. Excellent point Shane i love your whole presentation and thought on an expanding universe i for one will not take the chance to say earth is expanding if we come to that conclusion then it must be fair to say that planets,stars and galaxies etc must also be expanding.i would say space itself is expanding (universe) Isaiah 40:22 i love how the bible describes God stretching out the heavens like a curtain.i believe we should look up into the night sky every now and then or just pause and think of how much Jesus must of loved us to bring us back to the father through his sacrifice and death. one day we will have the opportunity to travel this universe or multiverse in a celestial body and be allowed to have full access to all of Gods creation only because of what Jesus did on the cross for us reuniting us back to the father.Gods expanding his universe,multiverse for us his children because one day we will travel the stars and when i say travel the stars we can only use our imagination.i really enjoyed your post on the universe God bless.

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  3. hello Shane i was thinking about your expanding earth theory and it made me think of the position of the continents shifting and changing and pulling apart. i have a hollow earth theory and i believe all planets are hollow and earth has a crust of approximately 1300kms thick. inside this earth there is another central sun with another civilization maybe that’s what the Nazis where looking for in the antarctic the actual opening into earth called Agartha or new swabia.ok that’s a conversation for another day if you can check out Jan Lamprechts theory on the hollow earth on youtube.your expanding earth theory might be true at a relative pace on a relative scale if we look at the movement of continents and where they where a few thousand years ago. who am i to argue i think 60 percent of what we know is wrong and that’s being conservative to keep the masses dumped down almost like the movie the island.i have personally done no research on the idea of an expanding earth but you might have a few excellent facts via your research.talking about Galaxies moving away from us calling it recession can you imagine our universe moving through space like a galaxy through another bigger universe made up of particles we have never imagined even exist behaving in a peculiar you know the scientists at Cern ( Hadron Collider ) are trying to understand the big bang theory by colliding two protons moving at the speed of light into each other.if i can remember correctly you said in your post dark energy belongs to God you are so right because whilst the universe is expanding through the force of dark energy we are trying to bring it into our dimension via portals at Cern. scientists have said what came through those portals where entities from another dimension.the bible says God made everything seen and unseen Colossians 1:16 matter,dark matter, dark energy etc.please check out this link when you get the time on antimatter it’s excellent shane you might enjoy it.

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    • Thanks Jack. I will check out the link. Ja, There is so much we do not know, but we do not want to also want to relegate the ideas of well trained and expert scientists, but i think, all in all, there will always be a part that is beyond human understanding and possibly their grasp. As the great Apostle Paul said that …now we only know in part… but one day we will know in full. (1 Cor 9:13)


    • Hi Jack. Can you explain your theory that all the planets are hollow. My understanding, (this is purely from what I have read – as I am not a scientist) is that 4 of our planets are rock and the other 4 are made of gas. What makes you say that the planets are hollow? If the temperature at the centre of the earth is 6000 degrees celcius (determined by scientists), how will a civilization survive that temperature?

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  4. The problem though, with all of man’s wisdom, discoveries, and also predictions, God is always – in general – left out of the picture. I am sure He wants people to know more and more, but He also wants them to find Him within all of their quests for new horizons. The Heaven declare His Glory, but people are blind to that.


  5. Hi shane have you taken a look at Jan Lamprechts theory on hollow earth and the scientific research he has gathered that does not agree with conventional Geology .also please check out admiral Richard E Byrds first hand evidence of actually going into the hollow earth during operation high jump in the Antartica during 1946-1947 TRUE STORY.please do some research on admiral Byrd on youtube or other sources.shane please check out this link on pastor charles lawson preaching on the hollow earth. Like i said there is so much we don’t know even the ground we stand conventional science and geology will differ because deception is part of the bigger plan.

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  6. Shane this the pdf ebook of admiral byrd’s discovery with an actual picture at the end of the ebook of a pic on hollow earth and explanation.. http://galactic .no/rune/midlertidig/thoughtsoninnerearth.PDF chat again.i personalty think if there is an entrance into the hollow earth at the poles then maybe it will only be shown to people demonic forces choose,that’s my theory.


    • That means that the civilization you are talking about at the center of the earth is demonic. Also, if demons choose to reveal this hollow earth to people, then those people are clearly far from God. Why should we give so much attention to the devil, when our entire life and being should be grasping onto Christ with everything we have.

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      • I am going to have to agree with Jillian on this one. I personally do not want to give attention to satan and his plaque of demonic forces either. I think this discussion should be left for an entirely new topic and thread. For now, let us stick to cosmology, astronomy, and the majesty of God.


  7. What you should do is Start a topic on your word press site, like the one we have probably digressed into, and then have a discussion. I did look at the link and , yes, it is very interesting and very worth discussing, even though I have my own reservations on the topic. Nevertheless, create your topic on word press and then we can follow, and have our discussions revolving around that topic, i.e: Hollow Earth etc.
    I will be looking forward to your blog!!!


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